Customize your jacket.

story that you can always wear on you.

Hand-painted denim and biker jackets, decorated with beading or embroidery. They are 100% personalized, so that your jacket is unique as your wedding dress..

You just have to contact us and tell us how you would like your jacket style.

Our jackets are vegan. Made in premium Eco-Leather.


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Last minute decisions.

If you want one of our jackets, but you are late, do not worry.

You have at your disposal a selection of jackets and windbreakers ready for the big day.

These jackets were designed and created for the Mi Boda Rocks,photoshoot, and were only used during it. That is why not only can you get your jacket at the last minute, but we also offer it with special prices.



Bridal Magazine Editorial. My Wedding Rocks.


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Our windbreakers and jackets already available for sale were used in the Editorial Love laughs at locksmiths of Mi Boda Rock Magazine.

A beautiful collaboration with incredible professionals.